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For the first time in our history as African Americans, Internet technology is making it possible for all forms of African American enterprise i.e. new start up businesses, COMMISSIONED BASED SALES PROFESSIONALS, brick-n-mortar, e-businesses along with our youth based training program to get connected to the softest and most richest consumer market in the western hemisphere. Who? The consumer of your own community. Still disillusioned? Well, according to "Target Market News" one of the foremost authorities on providing statistics concerning African American consumption, the African American community is rated as the tenth wealthiest racially identifiable community in the world! And, if you are a "COMMISSION BASED SALES PROFESSIONAL" you can more effectively connect to the consumers of your own community, through this first of its kind, African American marketing community, which has created a web store platform with all the tangible and intangible tools for expanding your services to the citizens of your own community!


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